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Helping those who are struggling to lose weight lose 10 plus pounds in as little as 12 weeks. 

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Born in Dublin, Ireland.


As a fitness coach with 14 years of experience and a bodybuilder, I am passionate about helping my clients achieve their fitness goals. Whether you're looking to build muscle, lose weight, or improve your overall health, I can help you with the guidance and support you need to succeed. Let's work together to transform your body and your life!

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Kevin M.

Wayne really knows his stuff! They have helped me lose 20 pounds from their program! Not only did I lose the weight, but I also gained the knowledge of how to feed myself and what I need to do to continue this journey to becoming more healthy! He really cares about his clients and keeps in contact with them to see how they are doing! I'd definitely recommend anyone to at least check out what he has to offer!


Taryn T.

My fiance turned to me today and was like "OMG look at your abs!!" I owe it all to Wayne and his amazing guidance. I'm glad he kept pushing me and working with me especially when I was down on myself and not feeling like I made any progress. Also I appreciate him helping me realize that weight or a number doesn't define me or my progress. I feel amazing and back in shape. I couldn't thank him enough for continuing to coach me. He's the best!


Anna L.

Started working with Wayne this summer and I couldn't be happier. I lost 15 lbs and 3% body fat in only 3.5 weeks. Wayne created a personalized nutrition plan for me which was very easy to follow, and we kept working out every week. I was so satisfied with my results that I decided to keep working with Wayne. He's not only a great and extremely knowledgable trainer, he's also an amazing human being who's very passionate about his job. I never thought I will need or want a personal training but I'm glad I was proven wrong. I wouldn't want to miss this experience.


Hit Fit SF

2345 Harrison St

San Francisco





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