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Andrea S.

I jokingly call him the nutrition magician, but honestly, after the first month and a half with working with him, it's a title he definitely deserves! I asked Wayne for a consultation a little over a month ago when I was struggling to drop some weight. He put me on a nutrition and online training plan, topped off with some classes that he taught at HitFit... Fast forward to six weeks later, and I'm down about 13/14 lbs! :)

Wayne really listens, which is why his program has been so great for me. He takes so many factors into account in order to customize and adapt to each of his clients. He makes sure the food that is included in our meal plan are things that we like, so that we can actually stay consistent and accountable. He makes sure to check-in and see if the plans he puts his clients on are actually a good fit, and makes sure to modify based on needs.

I honestly could go on and on and on about the amazing aspects of working with him, but here's why I think he's one of the best out there. He listens, he adapts, he pushes you to be the best you can be, AND he actually wants you to succeed in the long run by giving you free advice and science tidbits for the sake of educating the general public!

You're probably reading this review for a reason, so if you're still on the fence, I'd say, just do it!!!! :)

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Richard T.

Before this, I never focused on my nutrition or weight. I wasn't overeating, but my food choices could be described as laissez-faire. I knew a bit about the ideas behind dieting, but sometimes it takes a bit more than knowing. In my case, I needed a buddy to keep me accountable and bit of up front work done for me (calculating TDEE, macro ratios, meal plan); Wayne was exactly what I needed.

The experience was straightforward and educational. At the start, I came in for body pics and starting weight. Then Wayne sat me down and walked me through the math he used to figure out how many calories I should be eating to achieve my goal weight as well as the breakdown of macros (proteins / fats / carbs). It's one thing to know these numbers, and it's another to construct a diet if you've never done that before. Following this, I received a nutrition plan that divided my meals up throughout the day in a way that hit my goals--all with the macros and calories listed and shown per meal and per ingredient.

I went off diet for about 6 days during this time period (traveling, drinks , brownies). Wayne was very chill and positive about this and said that the rails he set were for a healthier lifestyle going forward, but was very easy to compensate by just taking out a snack for the day and not letting it stress me out.

By the end of the program I lost 15 lbs! Overall, I'm really glad to have gone through with this and I have a lot of confidence in taking the steps I need to monitor my health and body going forward.

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Ashley C.

Wayne and Alyssa make magic happen. As a team they work hard, not only helping clients reach their goals, but constantly researching and deciphering the complexity that is the human body. This is a key element, as they will NEVER make assumptions. Each client is treated as an individual; They keep this in mind whether it's dietary, cardio or weight training.When I started training with Wayne, I could barely do a push up, my cardiovascular endurance was terrible, and I was always sleepy after 2pm. We spent the first month on form at the gym, the second month at the running track, and the third back in the gym lifting. All the while, we discussed diet which was adjusted accordingly. This created a foundation -- it's the key that unlocked my potential. My strength and form are aligned. After 2pm my brain is agile, which is incredibly important for my career. I reached my goal of doing a 5k, and learned that I can do anything I want if I push myself (and have a good trainer in my corner!)The advice I was given will be a guide that I will use the rest of my life. Thank you!!


Naima A.

I'm pretty stubborn and skeptical as a person, and have worked with trainers in the past that didn't stick. I've worked with Wayne for the past 2.5 years now. And through this journey, he has implemented the correct way of approaching health and fitness. His dedication to his clients are genuine and he will not give up on the Fitness goal that you are trying to achieve. No matter what scientific fact I come across with online, he has an answer to explain the why his plan is best for you. I've stayed on his system for my body building competition and saw amazing results. My body, attitude, and surroundings transformed. Wayne ensures that his client's overall lifestyle improves when working with him, and will coach you through the tears to reach your highest potential.


Tim M.

​Wayne understands how to create time-bound, targeted programs which generate results. In my case, he crafted a 4-week program that cut me to my lowest weight in 12 years. For me, he's designed strength and cutting programs which well-supplement my long-term objective of amateur boxing. Wayne can produce effective programs for the full gamut of fitness goals. Oh and, watch out. He'll work your ass off.


Ramji S.

​Wayne is just phenomenal.  I've been doing weightlifting and boxing sessions with Wayne for over a year, and he's just a phenomenal trainer.  Wayne helped me cut more than 10 percentage points of body fat, focusing on both strength training and nutrition.  Wayne really takes the time to focus on technique and form, which helps with both gaining lean muscle and injury prevention.  Wayne is constantly generating new workouts, so you will get variety and make steady progress, as long as you put the reps in.


Glen H.

A lot of trainers are in it solely for the money and so they can workout for free. I didn’t know Wayne that well when I signed up with him so I didn’t know what to expect. I can’t compliment Wayne enough. He doesn’t go to work to collect a paycheck. He genuinely gets reward from other people’s success stories and pushes them to the limit in order for them to succeed and get the best results they can. I lost 18 lbs in the first 8 weeks! Wayne is so good I signed up for another 8 weeks.

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